University student faces suspension… again

Written by Yazeed Kamaldien

The lawyer for University of Cape Town (UCT) student Chumani Maxwele yesterday threatened to “go straight to court” if his client is again suspended on Monday.

UCT said in a statement this week it had lifted a suspension order against Maxwele following his alleged racist attack on a mathematics lecturer on May 1.

The suspension was lifted after it was found Maxwele had not put forward his side of the story as required within 72 hours after the suspension was issued in May.

But UCT said hours after the suspension was lifted on Wednesday it would press head with a new suspension order come Monday.

UCT spokeswoman Gerda Kruger said the “facts that led to the decision to suspend Maxwele have not changed”.

“Maxwele has informed us that he will be out of town until 15 June (Monday). The vice-chancellor’s nominee intends to issue a new provisional suspension order on (his) return to campus,” said Kruger.

“This will be followed by a hearing within 72 hours after which the provisional order will be confirmed, varied or set aside.”

Maxwele’s lawyer Barnabas Xulu yesterday told Weekend Argus it was “clear our clients rights were violated by UCT relying on a unlawful suspension”.

“If they issue a suspension order again and proceed with their victimisation we will go straight to court,” said Xulu.

Xulu said they also had a matter pending in the Equality Court relating to “how UCT handled this affair”.

The court is yet to confirm a date when the matter would be heard.


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