Racist K-word in 16 cases at Cape Town court

Written by Yazeed Kamaldien

Another race-related case was heard at the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court, bringing to 16 the number of such matters before this court presently.

State prosecutor Rahidien Cullis told the court of how Erik Neethling, 33, from Muizenberg allegedly called Zenzele Moloi, 42, from Constantia a k****r.

The incident occurred in a traffic jam on September 21 2014 in Hout Bay. Police arrested and released Neethling on Thursday. He was charged with crimen injuria.

Cullis told the court they would in future oppose bail for any persons appearing for race-related attacks.

“This is the 16th case in this court in the past six months in this court’s jurisdiction,” he said.

Cullis related the incident to the court yesterday. He said there was an accident on the road that had led to a traffic jam.

“There was a queue of cars… The complainant (Moloi) then switched off his vehicle. The accused (Neethling) came from behind the complainant and approached the complainant’s vehicle,” said Cullis.

“He put his hand through the window and took out the key. He told the complainant, ‘What are you going to do, you fucking k****r?’. He took the key and walked away. He told the complainant, ‘Fuck you k****r’.

“Then the complainant got out of his car and wanted the key. The accused went back to his car with the complainant’s key and the complainant followed him. A woman (in the accused’s car) told the accused to give the complainant’s key back.

“He took the key and threw it at the complainant and then said, ‘K****r take the fucking key’.”

Cullis said Moloi went to the police “because his dignity was impaired”.

“He felt humiliated… The accused denied it happened,” said Cullis in court.

Moloi’s employer, on whose property he lives in Constantia, submitted an affidavit to the court, stating that he was “honest” and “reliable”.

Moloi has been living on their estate for the last 21 years, with access to their house and cars.

“We regard him as part of our family. He works and resides at our house in Constantia. We travel extensively and it is critical that our house is in good hands,” they said in a court papers.

The case was postponed to February 26.

Other ongoing matters before the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court include that of swimming instructor Tim Osrin who allegedly domestic worker Cynthia Joni, 44, in Kenilworth. His matter will be heard before the court on January 20.

The court is also dealing with a number of UCT students involved in race-related attacks.

This includes Djavan Arrigone, 19, who allegedly urinated on a black taxi driver in Claremont.

UCT students Chad de Matos, 19, Aaron Mack, 20, and Mitchell Turner, 20, have also been in front of the court for allegedly attacking and racially abusing cleaner Delia Adonis, 52, in Claremont.

Military dentist Jan van Tonder meanwhile stands accused of attempted murder for allegedly sjambokking gardener Muhammed Makungwa, 22, in Claremont.

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