Cape Town couple safe in Nepal

Written by Yazeed Kamaldien

A Cape Town couple, whose families could not get hold of them during deadly snowstorms in Nepal last week, is safely carrying on with their travels in that country.

Families of English language teacher Daniela Cum and her call centre assistant husband Gil Yaakov Hershkovitz confirmed this week they were alive. Cum is originally from Johannesburg and Hershkovitz from Israel.

They married in Cape Town, where they lived for the last few years until April when they embarked on extended travels.

Daniela’s mother Pamela Cum said this week they could not get hold of the couple because it “was just a question of connectivity”.

“I’ve sent them WhatsApp messages. I told them it was serious as we could not contact them,” said Cum.

“They were very taken aback because they didn’t realise that everybody was looking for them. They said they’re absolutely fine. They’re okay and there’s nothing wrong.”

Cum said talked on the phone with Hershkovitz’s family, who contacted the couple too.

“They told his family they were aware there was an avalanche but didn’t know how bad it was. They have gone on another trek and they are not contactable until Saturday. But I am not worried. They are safe,” said Cum.

“They have been going up and down the mountain. They are quite high up. It was just a question of connectivity. That’s why we didn’t hear from them.”

She added: “They are still in Nepal and they are safe. I’m glad that they’re safe.”

Bibek Kharel, director at Nirvana Travels in Nepal, also confirmed the couple was safe. He had assisted them with their journey in that country.

“They are safe in Nepal. It will be three days before we can communicate with them. Now in that place (where they are) there is no network of phone. So it’s difficult (to be in contact),” said Kharel.


About Yazeed Kamaldien

Self-employed journalist and photographer from South Africa.

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