PHOTOS: Muscle men compete in Cape Town

his weekend an annual fitness competition was held in Cape Town. These are images of one of the divisions. The event was held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. (All pics copyright of Yazeed Kamaldien)

1150788_10153344138206416_5081185207726916207_n 1743454_10153344138261416_6159185613114270174_n 1902866_10153344138391416_5581651812448109288_n 10347503_10153344137636416_2573440596508377236_n 10362861_10153344137846416_563428920034020007_n 10417015_10153344137801416_5097919954936473531_n 10420025_10153344137761416_8597987708050958472_n 10422392_10153344138096416_3287796014925208713_n 10473769_10153344138611416_5046560782598528667_n 10653304_10153344138076416_7384311468150431325_n 10665388_10153344138516416_1784177733089633870_n 10675631_10153344137611416_8252216551831244934_n 10685577_10153344138296416_7351600999435951829_n 10686694_10153344137676416_281658764717103662_n 10702129_10153344138531416_8896232100080941365_n


About Yazeed Kamaldien

Self-employed journalist and photographer from South Africa.

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