University offers financial aid for poor students

Written by Yazeed Kamaldien

Financial aid would be made available to prospective students, said the University of Cape Town this week in a bid to attract the best minds.

The university launched its Change Your Future campaign on Tuesday and said that it distributes “over R440 million a year with donors, corporate companies and government partners, to financially disadvantaged students”.

UCT vice-chancellor Max Price said they are expanding their financial aid “offering” because “we want to make it possible for these students to come to UCT at very little cost to their families”.

“We know many of the best students can come from families that will find it difficult or impossible to pay for a university education. These are students who can become the next generation of engineers, health practitioners, actuarial scientists, astronomers, lawyers and political scientists,” said Price.

“If you have been accepted to study at UCT, finances should not stop you from changing your future.”

UCT’s financial aid “also makes special concessions for students with siblings at the university”.

Universities are accepting applications from high school learners for undergraduate studies for another six weeks.

UCT said it “receives over 20,000 applications for its approximately 4,000 available spaces for undergraduate students”. The university said it would communicate across media platforms about its financial aid plan.

It updated its financial aid policy in December last year to “make more funds available to a larger number of students to cover more needs”.

“For most programmes at UCT, the total cost of study, including tuition, books, food allowance, housing, local travel and other necessities, comes to about R80,000 a year,” said UCT.

“But with UCT financial aid the family might be required to make a family contribution of as little at R1,000 a year, provided that the family income is less than R50,000 a year.”

It added: “A student whose family income is between R50,000 and R230,000 a year would need to provide a family contribution that is higher, but UCT would still provide most of the total cost of study.

“A student in this income bracket might need to pay just R10,000 a year. If the total cost of study adds up to R80,000, then in this case, UCT would provide the remaining R70,000. It all depends on the expected family contribution.”


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One response to “University offers financial aid for poor students”

  1. Ghwabupi says :

    Hie, does this also include foreign Nationals with relevant documents?

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