Politically incorrect comedy in Cape Town

Written by Yazeed Kamaldien

Local comedian Siv Ngesi plans to bring to a Cape Town theatre stage the “racist’s guide to South Africans” next month.

The production is based the book The Racist’s Guide To The People Of South Africa by author Simon Kilpatrick.

Siv Ngesi

Siv Ngesi

It is not the first time that Ngesi does a race-related one-man show. He previously performed Dekaf that aimed to debunk his own racial representation as a black man with ‘white’ tendencies.

The racist’s guide has been described as “politically incorrect, thoroughly unscientific and exceptionally funny as it makes light-hearted fun of the people of the Rainbow Nation”.
The show’s synopsis informs that Ngesi “describes his latest show as a ‘racially active’ production”.

“It’s written for foreigners and for all the South Africans it parodies, noting from the start that Blacks, English Whites, Afrikaners, Coloureds, Indians and Miscellaneous are the primary races to be encountered in the land.”

Ngesi, 27, was born in Gugulethu township in Cape Town but has been acting since age nine and has toured Asia with Les Miserables. He has acted in films such as World Unseen, Invictus and the upcoming Long Walk To Freedom.

Ngesi currently also presents a TV show called S.I.E.S on Mzanzi Magic.

Race Card runs at the Baxter Theatre from September 2 to 21. It then moves to Johannesburg, East London, Port Elizabeth and Durban. Children younger than 13 are not allowed to watch this show.


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