Top cop snapped wearing dagga T-shirt

Written by Yazeed Kamaldien

A top Cape Town cop publically sporting a T-shirt showing a dagga leaf should face “immediately discipline”, said the Democratic Alliance yesterday.

Mark Wiley, the party’s Western Cape spokesperson for community safety, said the South African Police Service should take action against Major-General Jeremy Vearey for “openly wearing clothing that could be seen as promoting drug usage”.

Top cop Jeremy Veary on one of his Facebook photos.

Top cop Jeremy Veary on one of his Facebook photos.

“On Monday, during a public march to Parliament, General Vearey, the cluster commander in Mitchell’s Plain, wore a red T-shirt with an image of a large dagga-leaf printed on it together with the word Rastafarian,” said Wiley.

“It is no secret that the Rastafarian community openly use and promote dagga. Dagga is a prohibited substance and for a senior police staff officer to be seen associating himself with this drug is nothing short of scandalous.”

Wiley said Vearey “by virtue of his profession as an upholder of the law has demonstrated a remarkable lack of judgement, something that a person of his rank cannot afford to do”.

The DA quoted a Stellenbosch University study that “showed the prevalence of dagga smoking in Mitchell’s Plain is three times higher than the national average”.

“Publically wearing clothing that can be interpreted as promoting drug use shows a complete disregard for the thousands of families negatively affected by drug crimes in Mitchell’s Plain,” added Wiley.

“The rampant drug-related problem in Mitchell’s Plain is well-documented with national crime statistics showing that half of all drug crime in South Africa takes place in the Western Cape. Courts frequently hear testimony of the role played by drugs in horrific crimes.”

Police spokesperson Novela Potelwa said the matter had been “noted”.

“The Western Cape commissioner, Lt General Arno Lamoer, has noted… He has yet to hear Veary’s side of the story as the subject (Veary) is currently on vacation,” said Potelwa.


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