Mojo Week helps men with erectile dysfunction

Written by Yazeed Kamaldien

Erectile dysfunction is said to affect at least 77% of South African men aged 37 to 70 and Mojo Week is set to help sort that out.

Mojo Week runs all of next week and organisers said it is a time when “healthcare practitioners will be talking to male patients about their sexual health”. The week is spearheaded by generic drugs manufacturer Pharma Dynamics.

Its campaign is aimed at “destigmatising erectile dysfunction, while encouraging discussion and teaching the public and healthcare practitioners to see it as part of an overall health problem”.

Mariska Fouché, public affairs manager for Pharma Dynamics, said male impotence “remains an uncomfortable topic for many, doctors included”.

“Physicians are often reluctant to bring up a topic that might cause offense, even when there are pressing medical reasons to discuss it, especially when it is of a sexual nature, which can compromise the care their patients receive,” said Fouché.

“We have challenged doctors throughout the country and equipped them with a how-to guide on broaching the topic with all their male patients during Mojo Week.”

She said “only 15% of men with erectile dysfunction seek treatment and even with a prescription in hand even fewer can bring themselves to hand it over to the pharmacist”. That was likely why impotence remained wide spread.

“It is estimated that at least or three out of four local men between the ages of 35 and 70 are affected by erectile dysfunction, mostly due to heart problems that is strongly linked to their diet, lack of exercise and other bad habits,” said Fouché.

The Mojo Week campaign will also be driven on the website where “users will be able to assess their risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction”.

Fouché said lifestyle changes could assist in overcoming erectile dysfunction.

“The key is to be more active, stop smoking, drink very moderately, eat lean meat, limit fat, salt and sugar and seek medical help for chronic diseases. Erectile dysfucntion is nature’s way of telling you to look out for your overall health,” she said.

Fouché added that men who are older but healthy are able to have an erection without supplements such as Viagra.

“A man in his 80s could have a fulfilling sex life with regular erections. There are numerous famous men who became fathers when they were relatively old like rock star Mick Jagger at 57, artist Picasso at 68 and actor Charlie Chaplin at 73,” said Fouché.

“In the majority of cases of chronic impotence or inability to get and maintain an erection, the reason is an underlying health problem, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or hypertension.”


Erectile dysfunction is closely linked to numerous lifestyle choices such as lack of exercise, smoking, eating food that is high in fat, sugar and salt and drinking too much alcohol.

Cardiovascular disease can lead to impotence. For an erection to occur, the penis must be supplied with sufficient blood. When patients cannot achieve erections regularly, it is often a sign that they have hardened arteries or atherosclerosis.

Studies show that men with erectile dysfunction are more likely to experience a heart attack within the following two to five years.

Diabetic men can expect to experience erectile dysfunction between 10 and 15 years earlier than other men their age who don’t suffer from diabetes.

Cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension are all on the increase in the country as more and more South African men become obese. International research shows that for every nine kilograms a man is overweight, he experiences a 3% decline in erectile function.

Mild erectile dysfunction is described as being able to maintain an erection 7 or 8 times out of 10 attempts at intercourse; moderate ED as 4 to 6 times; and severe as 0 to 3 times.

Source: Pharma Dynamics


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One response to “Mojo Week helps men with erectile dysfunction”

  1. Dr. Joel Block says :

    No argument about staying healthy as an important factor for being able to get it up. But…pharmaceutical companies have made way too many men feel like they need a pill to function, not true! After 20 years supervising a NY Hospital-based Sexuality Center, seeing more men with ED in a year than most psychologists see in a lifetime, the psych factors are way under-played. Performance and other issues are VERY important. Check this out:

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