Police arrest man for smoking dope at Snoop Lion show

Written by Yazeed Kamaldien

Smoking dope did not go down well at this week’s Snoop Lion concert in Cape Town where police arrested at least one male suspect caught with weed.

Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut, spokesperson for the Western Cape police, yesterday said they arrested the suspect on Tuesday night when Snoop performed at the GrandWest Arena in the city.

Traut said: “One male was arrested last night for being in possession of dagga. The suspect was due in court.”

One local radio station presenter said yesterday morning that she could smell marijuana “in the air” when she entered the concert venue.

Police had warned Snoop fans they would face arrest if they smoked marijuana at the concert. Snoop allegedly smoked the illegal herb at his Johannesburg concert on Sunday night.

Sachi Okada, a female fan at the Cape Town concert, said Snoop “took a smoke break” during his performance.

“He said ‘I’m gonna take a smoke break’ and then he came back. It’s Snoop, what do you expect. But it was just five minutes or so. He carried on and was chilled,” said Okada.

She said he was “more relaxed” than his previous show that she saw a few years back.

“He didn’t play many of his new songs. He played mostly his old jams. He was very chilled out,” said Okada.

“I saw him a few years ago when he was here. I didn’t know what to expect about this one given the whole Rastafarian change. I enjoyed that he was interactive with the crowd, which a lot of artists don’t do. He mentioned all the time how happy he was to be here.”

Nadia Jaftha Fataar, who also went to the concert, said she went with her husband who “is a big fan.”

“After the show, I am addicted to Snoop though. It was definitely not for kids. But I really enjoyed it,” she said.

“There was a strong smell of weed all around me. And it was the first time that I saw so many security guards at a concert in the arena. They were walking through the crowds.”

She added: “Snoop’s dancers were a bit hectic, doing very sexual moves on stage while being half naked. There was also lots of swearing involved.”


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Self-employed journalist and photographer from South Africa.

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