Percy Sledge ready to swoon Cape Town

Written by Yazeed Kamaldien

American crooner Percy Sledge is ready to swoon Cape Town audiences just like he did decades ago.

The singer, who performed in the city during the 1980s, said yesterday that he was “happy to be back.”


“In the history of my 46 year career… I’ve been to just about every country in the world but nothing tops Cape Town,” said Sledge.

“And I really hope you guys don’t mind listening to this old man just one more time… I really feel great. I walk three to four miles every morning and keep myself in shape. I thank God that I still have the pipes to still go very strong. And that’s a blessing.”

He added: “When you sing for so many years, it has to be somebody with way more power than we got. So I want to thank God.

“I don’t think I’ll ever retire. My fans give me the spunk and power to keep going.”

Sledge is set to perform at the city’s Grand Arena on Friday and Saturday nights. South African artists who will perform at the same concert are PJ Powers, Cape Town’s party band The Rockets, The Boyz and Zayn Adam. Stage and TV actress Shaleen Surtie-Richards will host the event.

Concert organiser Alistair Izobell said “my dream has come true” now that Sledge has landed in Cape Town.

Clarence Ford, a radio presenter with Heart FM, said they had meanwhile asked radio listeners to “share their (Percy Slegde musical) experiences on air.”

“Interestingly the stories had nothing to do with his on stage performance. It was about how Percy touched people after the performance,” said Ford.


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