Post office plans stamps of music icons

Written by Yazeed Kamaldien

Ten iconic local musicians will be honoured in a new stamp collection, said the South African Post Office (SAPO) this week.

SAPO said the public would submit names to be considered for this collection. The ten selected would be musicians who “have played an influential role in shaping the country’s musical history and tradition.” They would also “have influenced lives through music.”

SAPO’s policy though stipulates that “no living persons can be portrayed on a stamp unless it is the president of a country.”

Johan van Wyk, senior manager of SAPO’s philatelic services, said they did not expect it “easy to shortlist 10 individuals from our rich tradition of talented and influential musicians.”

SAPO added: “Because stamps are small ambassadors for South Africa, it is important that the musicians selected reflect South Africa’s heritage, diversity and culture.”

SAPO said selection criteria include that the musician should have “developed a completely new, original style of music that is distinctively South African.”

“Changed the way people think about the world as a result of listening to the music of these musicians, for example, Koos du Plessis and the ‘Musiek en Liriek’ movement,” it added.

“A change or deeper understanding of the full spectrum of South African society resulting from listening to the music of these musicians, such as James

Phillips, Johannes Kerkorrel and Miriam Makeba.

“Should be representative of South African society and the musical styles should cover the most important or best-known musical genres… Achieved international success.”

Public submissions deadline, via the SAPO website, is Friday (May 3).


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