PHOTOS: Sea Point Pavillion and swimming pool

As the last warm days leave us, Cape Town still offers sunshine and a chance to catch a swim before the winter cold sets in. The Sea Point Pavillion and swimming pool is a cosy spot to unwind and it also offers some breathtaking photos. It is located on the ocean front. These images are from a trip that way a few days ago. (All photos copyright of Yazeed Kamaldien.)


21206_10151610955056416_1318542014_n 62593_10151610954516416_586819611_n 163562_10151610954466416_261779705_n 183103_10151610954821416_225321748_n 229679_10151610955011416_1654913991_n 295375_10151610954731416_1208601743_n 298257_10151610954256416_1505582928_n 321408_10151610955296416_1692823071_n 375123_10151610954791416_777181580_n 394526_10151610954321416_25291825_n 397835_10151610955266416_22985045_n 428539_10151610954351416_1752186094_n 528198_10151610954626416_1119156770_n 528316_10151610954866416_1129180059_n 577526_10151610955211416_2039938524_n 603594_10151610954436416_2131077623_n 935340_10151610955131416_1606547071_n 942893_10151610954916416_320743321_n 943146_10151610954956416_1452509125_n 943577_10151610955111416_930311254_n


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About Yazeed Kamaldien

Self-employed journalist and photographer from South Africa.

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