Muslim Judicial Council apologises to Muslims

MJC apologises to Muslims

January 27 2012 at 10:22am

Yazeed Kamaldien

IN a move to restore the shattered confidence of Muslims over the halaal scandal, the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) has extended an apology for the confusion the saga has caused.

The council has come under fire after recently being linked to Orion Cold Storage – a company where pork was allegedly labelled as halaal meat.

Pagad and the National Consumer Forum (NCF) – groups critical of the MJC’s handling of the affair – want the council to be scrapped, but the MJC has denied the allegations and rejected the call.

At a public meeting at the Darul Islam Mosque in Surrey Estate last night, its president, Moulana Ihsaan Hendricks, said the MJC would never make pork halaal. He urged the Muslim community to accept the council’s apology.

“We are here to regain hearts. If a brother apologises, accept it. If somebody wants to reach out to you, accept it as a brother in Islam,” Hendricks told about 1000 people.

He said anger among Muslims over the past few days was proof that the roots of Islam were planted in a community that would not compromise its principles.

“Whenever there is pain and emotion, we go on record to call out to the community to rectify that which needs to be rectified. The community must always enjoy a good relationship with religious leaders. There is nothing wrong if anybody wants to clarify or to ask a question. The day we see the matters of this religion entrusted to those who are not worthy of this responsibility, you should await the final hour.”

At the meeting, members of Pagad and the NCF told the Cape Times they wanted to hear what the MJC had to say. During question time a member of Qiblah questioned the MJC’s leadership. The meeting was watched by security guards in plain clothes.


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